Take Back Your Power and Manifest Your Reality

If you are awake and aware, you will see the truth of this place. Focus your energy on creating a beautiful life for yourself and your loved ones. We will no longer give energy to the Controllers. Focus now on the love and light of the new world brought about by our awakening consciousness. It is a  world of peace, tolerance, compassion and understanding. A world of friendship, partnership, community; a place where we all care for each other and help one another. It is time to manifest a reality where people are recognized for their inner beauty and their loving contribution to society. Take back your power and manifest your reality. The Shift is here.

“I now smash and demolish, by my spoken word, every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust heap of their native nothingness, for they came from my own vain imaginings. I now make my perfect records through the Christ within. The records of Health, Wealth, Love, and Perfect Expression. This is the square of life. The Game completed.” From the book The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn written in 1925


Interview with Mr. Grey

Bonnie Jean Mitchell and Mr Grey discuss the awakening and shift of consciousness humanity is experiencing right now. Bonnie talks about how the star people taught her to prepare for the shift by focusing on love and moving into higher vibrational frequencies. Other topics covered: some specific experiences with the star people, Pleiadians, Greys, Mantids, going Out-of-Body, the etheric plane, the third eye, energy manipulation, manifesting reality, psychic self-defense, MILABS, hybrid children, letting go of the matrix, and creating a new reality.


Embedded Implants Receive and Transmit Data

This is a book reading from Journey with the Star People, pages 241-243.

“On August 20, 2002 I experienced another psychic attack in the alternate reality. I was standing in the living room when a woman entered the front door. It was an older lady, wearing a very non-threatening dress, decorated with lace and flowers; something a grandmother might wear. Her hair was short and curly, greyish in color. She was also wearing a pearl necklace. Immediately, I knew what she was and I adjusted myself accordingly, pretending to be her friend but ready for anything on the inside.

She offered me the opportunity to wear her necklace. Approaching me cautiously, she unclasped it from around her own neck and then adamantly looped it around mine. I distinctly heard her thoughts in my mind, and I knew the necklace had some type of tracking device embedded in the silver clasp. Satisfied with her work, she walked out the front door, and I proceeded to make my way to the bathroom. I removed the pearl necklace and wrapped it around the base of the toilet. I’m not sure why I did that…I think it was something about the device not being able to pick up any signals around the porcelain base.

I slipped in and out of consciousness inside the experience, eventually “coming to” on a couch near the window. I was still in the alternate reality. I sat up and looked out the window, astounded to see a multitude of “tornadoes” rising from people’s homes and disappearing into the clouds above. Somehow, from the depths of my mind, came the realization of what was going on, and boy, did I get angry.

Propping myself up to face the outside, I let out a deep growl; a sound that resonated from my chest and throat, sending out an intense, deep vibration that momentarily disrupted and broke the tornadoes apart. They did not reach into every house, but select homes. I knew what they were and I was furious.

Streams of energy waves spiraled upward toward a central source, such as a satellite. The embedded chips under people’s skin made it easy for the government to track and monitor every movement they made. Most people slept soundly in their beds, quite unaware of what was happening to them and around them; they had no clue that radio transmitters implanted in their own bodies were collecting and sending information on a regular basis.

The elderly psychic lady reentered the room as I slowly rose from the couch. I glared at her with images of “tornadoes” shining in my eyes. She jumped back and cringed in a corner, holding her hands up to her face. I released the image and smiled, leaving her very uncertain about what to do. She quickly fled.”

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