what is it like to be a contactee

What is it Like to be a Contactee? It is surreal, otherworldly, and magical. It can start off as a scary experience but turn into a beneficial teaching as time goes on. Contactees usually have many years of experiences with multidimensional beings (star people). Their experiences evolve over time, becoming an incredible time of learning.

Some of the lessons learned by contactees: facing your fear, manipulating subtle energy, psychic self defense, mental telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, activating your third eye, going Out of Body, flying, working on the etheric plane, manifesting reality.

Contact Experiences

Contactees also learn empathy, how to relate to others, and how to be helpful to humanity. There is training and testing involved that can take many years to complete. Once a certain level of advancement is reached, a new level begins…along with a whole new level of learning, like graduating from high school and then going to college.

Contactee Bonnie Jean Mitchell

If you are a contactee, you might meet with other people (humans) during the night in a classroom setting taught by star people. There might be a group lesson around learning psychic skills and mental focus. You might see some of these same people over and over again during your life.

What is it like to be a contactee? Being a contactee may mean a life-long interaction with otherworldly beings who are benevolent teachers helping you advance on your spiritual path. It takes strength, endurance, mental focus, compassion, and rising up to your highest potential to be a contactee all your life.

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