Alien Abduction is a real event that most people experience on the etheric plane, the next level of consciousness surrounding the physical body. The etheric plane is the bridge between physical and astral. These events may be remembered as very vivid dreams, but it will be obvious that these are much more than dreams. These abductions or visitations are carried out by a wide variety of entities with various intentions, both good and bad.

Military Abduction (MILAB) also takes place in an altered state of consciousness. Similar to an alien abduction, the physical body is directly affected by what takes place. These abductions are covertly carried out by select Top Secret U.S. military personnel. These events may include the use of hallucinogenic drugs, electromagnetic radiation, flashing lights and sounds, holographic imagery, and severe mind control.

Contact with Benevolent Multidimensional Entities may occur when the individual has reached a certain level of consciousness that is commonly referred to as being “awake”; they are able to maintain a connection to Source and see through the lies and manipulation propagated by the controllers of this world. Contact with a wide variety of loving, intelligent entities is possible…and extremely helpful to one’s life. I call these beings Star People.

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  1. I was taken in 1985 …took me many years to be brave enough to call it what it truly was..if they hadn’t displaced my friend and I about 250 feet from where they first captured our attention with the vortex in the clouds..I have not been regressed but I do have some memories and visions that followed the experience and also shed light on previous experiences I had at even younger ages…I can describe the patched memories or “screen memories” if your interested..ty for your moment

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