military abduction

Military Abduction (also known as MILAB) is conducted by covert government agencies and US military personnel. Military-trained psychics are utilized in locating targeted individuals and harassing them for information as well as implanting them with devices that track and manipulate them. Military Abduction is sometimes tied to alien abduction. The military uses fake alien suits and holographic technology to make victims/abductees think they are dealing with aliens when they are actually dealing with fellow humans. There are times, however, when real live aliens (usually greys or reptilians) are actually taking part in the abduction as well. Most military abductions take place at night after the victim/abductee is asleep. The military seems to have the technology to remove the abductee’s conscious awareness from their body and transport it to underground military bases for manipulation.

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  1. Thank you. More and more people are waking up..making harder for this deception to continue. The white light surrounding oneself combined with Heartmath of unconditional love was what worked for me………….after years of attack … this is the ultimate cure because they use spiritual technology and this is the ultimate weapon that never fails. very good video keep up spreading this mesage….wishing you and your team all the very,very best…

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