Your Light Dispells the Dark

The light within you shines like a beacon for those who can see. The more love you fill your heart with, the more light you have inside your body. This can clearly be seen on the etheric plane, but it is also fairly obvious on the physical plane as well. This light is our connection to Source. When you lift yourself up into higher vibrational frequencies, you allow room inside yourself for this light. In this way, you are bringing divinity to humanity.


This light of love and life energy pushes away negativity. It can keep demons, evil aliens, dark magicians, and any other negative being away from you. The darkness does not like the light because when you are in the light, you are connected to Source and you are in your true power. You know who you are. The dark entities are afraid of the light because it is the truth. When we know the truth and when we know who we are, we have the power to take control and create a reality where the dark entities do not exist.


Fill yourself with love and light to dis-spell the darkness.



Interview with Veritas

Bonnie Jean Mitchell speaks with Mel Hostalrich of  Veritas on December 8, 2021. Some of the topics covered are: The Shift of Consciousness, raising your vibrational frequency, the power of LOVE, visitation with multidimensional star people, military abduction, fake rubber alien suits and holographic technology, the Star People School, psychic attack, the third eye, the etheric plane, fighting the Controllers (including demons and reptilians), Bonnie’s experience in an underground military base, the end of the matrix, taking your power back, and moving your awareness up into a higher dimension.

This is what we have been waiting for. This is why we came here. The time to act and fulfill your mission as a Lightworker is NOW.

Human beings are not the only players in this game of life. There are multidimensional beings that interact with humans, as well as the unseen controllers who decide the course of human history, the secret shadow government, the United States military-industrial complex, and many dark magicians who pose as political and religious figure heads. I have been working on my own spiritual enlightenment with the help of my star friends, moving toward a higher awareness and higher vibrational frequencies. There have been negative beings that I have run into along the way, but I always make it through to continue on my inner journey. I continuously learn and grow and put my knowledge to use. More than that, the friendly multidimensional beings whom I labeled star people, taught me that love is always the answer. I learned to use my own energy body to connect with Source to fill my entire being with the strongest power there is: love.

When my physical body lays down to sleep at night, my consciousness keeps on going. I leave my physical form and fly freely through the alternate reality, discovering parts of myself and parts of our world that have been erased from our knowledge by wars, propaganda and brainwashing, and the re-writing of our true history. The secrets of this life have been hidden by secret societies that will do anything to keep that knowledge to themselves. However, the rising of consciousness and the empowerment of human beings is currently in progress and cannot be stopped.

The Shift is happening now.


When You Feel Depressed

When you feel depressed, find a quiet place to sit by yourself. Go inward to connect with Source and your highest self. This is where you will find solace and the answer to your problem. We are all dealing with the current uncertain world situation. The left-hand path and the right-hand path are splitting apart from each other. Those with love in their hearts who are able to raise their vibrational frequency are shifting up into higher levels of conscious awareness. We are seeing through the lies of the controllers as we leave the old world behind. Now is the time to go inward and focus your energy on what is good in your life so you are able to manifest more goodness. Be strong within yourself as we shift into higher frequencies together. We are transitioning from the old matrix world to the new world of our own beautiful manifestation. We are the family of light! Blessed Be!

Who is Creating Your Reality?

Are you creating your own reality? If not, then you are allowing someone else to do that for you. It is time to step up and take responsibility for your life and how you are manifesting it. If you are giving your attention to the Controllers, you are giving them your power and you are helping them manifest the dark world they are working toward. Instead, let go of the past and what does not work; focus on your own world that is filled with love, beauty, abundance and freedom. If you are standing up for yourself with love in your heart, you are winning this spiritual game. It is a battle of spiritual proportions we are dealing with! Do your best and try to see the good in everything. This is how we manifest divinity on Earth. Blessed Be!
military abduction

Military Abduction

Military Abduction (also known as MILAB) is conducted by covert government agencies and US military personnel. Military-trained psychics are utilized in locating targeted individuals and harassing them for information as well as implanting them with devices that track and manipulate them. Military Abduction is sometimes tied to alien abduction. The military uses fake alien suits and holographic technology to make victims/abductees think they are dealing with aliens when they are actually dealing with fellow humans. There are times, however, when real live aliens (usually greys or reptilians) are actually taking part in the abduction as well. Most military abductions take place at night after the victim/abductee is asleep. The military seems to have the technology to remove the abductee’s conscious awareness from their body and transport it to underground military bases for manipulation.

How to Prepare for The Shift

The Shift is upon us! We are moving into higher levels of conscious awareness as humanity is being pushed to awaken. Even those who have been stubbornly asleep are being forced to awaken. If they don’t wake up…then they are staying with the old matrix as it falls apart. It is time to let go of our fear, anger, depression, and frustration to focus on our inner selves and connect to Source.

Reserve your energy for the tests to come–they will get bigger and more difficult as we reach the end of this game. We are riding those rolling energy waves that are getting faster and more intense. We can feel joyous one moment and completely depressed and defeated the next. Focus on love and you will find your balance. All will be well.

The star people taught me to release all my fear in order to be calm and in control when I need to focus the most. Now is that time. Raise your vibrational frequency and move up to the next level. Remember: This life is temporary. Be strong and do your very best. When you are done and you go back HOME, you will be glad you gave it your all.

LOVE Wins!

LOVE Wins!

Now is the time to fill your heart with love and light and raise your vibrational frequency. It is time to stand up, speak your mind and share your truth. There is no more time–do not wait. Focus on being strong within yourself and prepare for the shift that is upon us. The world is changing and you must know which path you are on. Stand strong in the light. The matrix is crashing down around us. Let it go.

All the awake and aware people with love in their hearts are protected. We are shifting into higher levels of conscious awareness together. Let us connect to Source and live in the light as we manifest a beautiful new world. LOVE Wins!

Take Back Your Power and Manifest Your Reality

If you are awake and aware, you will see the truth of this place. Focus your energy on creating a beautiful life for yourself and your loved ones. We will no longer give energy to the Controllers. Focus now on the love and light of the new world brought about by our awakening consciousness. It is a  world of peace, tolerance, compassion and understanding. A world of friendship, partnership, community; a place where we all care for each other and help one another. It is time to manifest a reality where people are recognized for their inner beauty and their loving contribution to society. Take back your power and manifest your reality. The Shift is here.

“I now smash and demolish, by my spoken word, every untrue record in my subconscious mind. They shall return to the dust heap of their native nothingness, for they came from my own vain imaginings. I now make my perfect records through the Christ within. The records of Health, Wealth, Love, and Perfect Expression. This is the square of life. The Game completed.” From the book The Game of Life and How to Play It by Florence Scovel Shinn written in 1925


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