Call to Lightworkers

Call to Lightworkers

Call to Lightworkers! It is time to WAKE UP! It is time for all lightworkers and starseeds to channel the higher vibrational frequencies of love and light. LOVE is an open channel to Source. Fill your heart center with love …

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fake scenario

Fake Scenario

Star People (aliens/ETs) sometimes place contactees into a fake scenario. This is a pre-made “skit” or movie that is used as a training tool for teaching. The contactee is put inside the movie set and observed to see how they …

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how to shield

How to Shield

Knowing how to shield is very important. It can help protect you from low level frequencies emitted by other people as well as psychic attack. If someone near you is angry and in a low frequency, they can end up …

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What is REAL

What is REAL?

What is REAL? Some people think that physical reality is the ONLY reality; if it didn’t happen physically, then it’s not real. This is a misconception we need to overcome. The physical world is intricately intertwined with the spiritual world …

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the time is short

The Time is Short

The time is short until a major frequency SHIFT. This is good news for those on the right-hand path with love in their hearts. Those who are already awake can clearly see the insanity of the majority and the collapse …

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transitional phase

Transitional Phase

The Transitional Phase is a movement of consciousness from the physical reality to the alternate reality and then back again. The transitional phase may cause paralysis, flashing lights and strange noises. This experience happens during alien abduction. In Journey with …

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