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The Alien Abduction Help Forum is a great place to read about and share alien abduction experiences. This is the reading of a thread from the forum between three members.
One of the topics they write about is the sleep paralysis that happens when the alien visitors are in the room:

“While laying down I stared out the window as the lightning
continually flashed…. I suddenly felt a strange tingling in my
feet which rose to the top of my head and I was unable to
move, completely frozen with the exception of my eyes.”

Sleep Paralysis

“I can definitely relate to laying in bed and feeling a tingling sensation move through my body and the paralysis except for the eyes, sometimes there was a tone or humming sound, sometimes sense or saw Grey types.”

Alien Abduction Experiencer

“Yes, I definitely know the tingling sensation and not being able to move. It happened to me many times in the past, but not now because I learned how to move past it over the years. I learned how to meet them on my own, so they stopped coming into my room to get me. I think the feeling is connected to our state of awareness shifting as we are leaving our physical body. This is what the visitors tend to do. They take our conscious awareness right out of our physical body.”

The Alien Abduction Help Forum has been around since 2010. Before that, the forum was located at Yahoo Groups and Google Groups. We’ve always had people sharing their unusual metaphysical and paranormal experiences. It is interesting to see the similarities of all these individual’s experiences over the years. It is a great archive to check out!

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