transitional phase

The Transitional Phase is a movement of consciousness from the physical reality to the alternate reality and then back again. The transitional phase may cause paralysis, flashing lights and strange noises. This experience happens during alien abduction.

In Journey with the Star People, I wrote about the Transitional Phase. This is a term I came up with to describe the process of shifting from one state of consciousness to another. It is what happens when the star people show up in your bedroom and take you out of your body and onto their ship or wherever they are going. It seems that paralyzation can occur as we go through this transition of consciousness.

When I was between the ages of 19-24, I went through this process many times. The star people came to visit me on a regular basis, once or twice a week. It was an intense training period during which I came to know these beings and their methods rather well. During this time of learning, the star people used to help me transition. I was literally raising my vibrational frequency and they were lowering theirs to meet me half-way on the etheric plane.

When the star people entered my living space, either just outside my house or inside my bedroom, they waited until I was asleep and then they helped me make the shift to a higher vibrational frequency. There were times when I was not asleep, however, and these times were very interesting because I went through the entire process while I was wide awake with my eyes open.
Moving my conscious awareness into the etheric body would cause the physical body to temporarily become paralyzed. If I had my eyes open, I could see the star people, I could see different colored lights, and sometimes I could hear odd sounds like beeps or clicks or even loud sirens.

True stories of Alien Abduction with Budd Hopkins

After years of this type of experience, becoming paralyzed and going through the whole process, I learned how to make the transition on my own, without the star people even being there. It was as if my body had learned to do it naturally. If I wanted to go and visit them, I left my body and went to the alternate reality on my own. I went to many places, exploring forgotten landscapes, popping into new worlds, and surprising the heck out of lots of star people who perhaps were not planning on this outcome. I began to make the transition on my own, without the need for flashing lights.

Despite any surprises I gave them, my star family was proud of me and they expected me to take what I learned and put it into practice. They encouraged it. They knew from the beginning that I was “awake” and hence their training that taught me many skills inherent within human beings…ones we have forgotten about that we need to develop again.

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