the time is short

The time is short until a major frequency SHIFT. This is good news for those on the right-hand path with love in their hearts. Those who are already awake can clearly see the insanity of the majority and the collapse of the old matrix system we have been indoctrinated into. It is time to make huge changes in our lives. Instead of focusing on the train wreck, turn your attention to what you truly desire in your life. Focus your energy on manifesting a new world of love and light.

Who is Creating Your Reality?

The time is also short for the controllers of this world. They know the awakening is happening and they cannot stop it. It is time for the human children to wake up! The controllers have lost their grip on us and they are giving up on trying to keep the awakened ones under control. Once we are fully awake, we will remember who we are, where we came from, and exactly why we are here. We will be fully aware of the power of creation and manifestation within us. The controllers do not want to mess with us after that happens! They are turning their focus to the unfortunate humans who are still unconscious and refuse to wake up and face the truth. They will learn in their own good time.

The Controllers are Losing It

Get connected with others who are awake, and form a supportive community. We may see some difficult times ahead as we transition into a new way of living. We will need to let go of any dependence we have on the system that is crashing. Take time to prepare now…otherwise, you will be forced into it and that will be much more difficult than planning ahead NOW. Make sure you have some food stores and KNOW how to grow your own food. We are making the Shift to being responsible for our own lives; no more depending on a failing system. It is time to live a good life of our own design!

2 thoughts on “The Time is Short”

  1. Hi Bonnie,
    I’m an intuitive empath, now 71 years old. I have been an experiencer most of my life. Have seen craft, and have been followed by one twice!

    I remember as a kid floating up from my bed to the top of the bedroom window. I remember looking back down at the bed as I floated through the roof. I saw the wooden rafters, cobwebs and passing through the roof tiles to the sky. A bright light all around me, and I was now face down on my tummy travelling very fast to the right. The light seemed to get brighter, but that’s all I can remember. Then I woke up back on my bed.

    I know someone is guiding me, I hear a internal voice, difficult to explain.
    I was in a car crash and a voice told me, everything is going to be alright your going to be ok!
    I was 15 when my mother died. The emergency doctor and paramedics where treating her, It was late at night, I was in in bed. I heard the doctor trying to wake her. The ambulance was outside, and I heard the the men rushing up stairs. I heard my two brothers saying, should we wake “me” up. They said, no we will tell him in the morning. At that moment in my head, I heard what sounded like women sort of singing, she is dead, she is dead! This is the odd part, I never felt sad at all and I was scolded for it.

    Now, all these years I know I am looked after/protected in some way. Can’t explain it. Silly things like finding a disabled parking bay, car park full, yet always one left just for me, no matter where I drive to. If I want to buy something, sorry all gone, just a minute, there’s one left. It keeps happening all the time.
    Sorry rambling on Bonnie.

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