sleep paralysis

Sleep Paralysis happens when you are about to leave your body. Then it can happen again when you return to your body. When an Out-of-Body experience is beginning, the physical body usually becomes very relaxed to where the muscles are limp and then they may even start vibrating. A tingly feeling can occur (similar to “pins and needles”) throughout the body. The whole body might feel like it is vibrating or humming.

Then the “sleep paralysis” might set in. This is where you cannot move your body at all except for perhaps the head or maybe even just the eyes. You might hear strange sounds like a motor running or static electricity or beeps and sirens: it seems to be different for everybody. This is part of what happens when you leave the body, but not always. Sometimes leaving the body is very subtle and next thing you know, you’re standing next to your physical body laying in the bed but you are not in it!

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When multidimensional beings enter your room, this Out-of-Body experience might start to happen. They are taking your conscious awareness right out of your physical body. It won’t always happen the same way, in fact, over time you will learn how to go Out-of-Body without all the paralysis and strange noises and all that; you can just do it smoothly and naturally on your own.

I call this the Transitional Phase. I wrote about it in my book Journey with the Star People.
I also made a video about the Transitional Phase.

My advice is to stay calm when sleep paralysis happens. Be patient and just observe what happens as your conscious awareness either leaves or returns to the physical form. It will pass and you will be back to normal again, don’t worry! Never Be Afraid Ever.

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