prepare for the shift

Prepare for the Shift now in order to face the challenges ahead. Let go of any baggage you might have in order to raise your frequency. Don’t wait any longer to face your issues and problems that you might be working on. Make an extra effort to overcome hurts from the past. These things will only hold you back when you need all your energy reserves to deal with the extreme tests that will come as we near the end of this world age.

Take the Reins

The Shift of consciousness is upon us. There is a great awakening happening at the same time the old matrix system is shutting down. We will see many changes in the world, so prepare for the shift now while there is still some normalcy left in the world. Go inward and raise yourself up to the highest level within yourself. Let go of that which does not serve you — it is time to get serious about what kind of energy you allow into your life. Focus on the present moment and being grateful for all the good things in your life.

Awakenvideo Friday Nite Livestream

As the majority of people on the left-hand path (still asleep and unconscious inside the matrix system) lose their minds, all the lightworkers on the right-hand path will be tested to keep love in their hearts and find their inner strength to get through the coming insanity. It will be no easy task to get through the challenges we are to face at the end of this world as we shift up into higher vibrational frequencies of love and light. Even if you are by yourself and you might feel alone, YOU ARE NOT ALONE because we are all connected on this right-hand path. We are helping each other raise up. We are connected in love, so feel that love in your heart and be comforted.

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