ufo sightings increasing

UFO Sightings Increasing

UFO Sightings are increasing all over the world. Are they real multidimensional/ET craft? Are they High Tech military vehicles? Are they Holographic images related to Project Blue Beam? Could some of them be AI generated videos we are watching? UFO […]

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contact experiences

Contact Experiences

Contact experiences vary from person to person and are largely based on what type of entity is trying to visit you. There are multi-dimensional beings walking around that we cannot see unless we are on the same frequency channel as

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As in the Days of Noah

As in the Days of Noah

Have you ever heard that phrase “As in the days of Noah?” Back in Noah’s day, there were many evils on the Earth plane. There were giants and Nephilim, demons, and Chimera mutants. The “men” of that day were full

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