What is REAL

What is REAL? Some people think that physical reality is the ONLY reality; if it didn’t happen physically, then it’s not real. This is a misconception we need to overcome. The physical world is intricately intertwined with the spiritual world and the astral and etheric planes. If you go Out-of-Body and you are consciously awake and aware, then you are having a REAL experience. Wherever you take your consciousness, that is reality for you.

Healing Frequencies to Help You on Your Way

When we see UFOs flying around the sky, some people try to figure out how in the world the UFOs are breaking the laws of physics: It is because they are not completely physical in nature. They are multidimensional craft that we can only perceive partially from the 3D physical plane. Normal aircraft do not zip around at 90 degree angles and shoot off faster than the speed of light. The craft we are seeing are able to blink in and out of our physical reality like it is nothing!

Break the Chains that Bind You

What is REAL? When it comes down to it, everything you experience is real and you will take it all with you when your consciousness leaves your physical body for good and returns to your spiritual home. You will bring it all with you! It is all important and valid. We need to realize this truth to be completely satisfied with a well-lived life. Blessed Be!

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