how to shield

Knowing how to shield is very important. It can help protect you from low level frequencies emitted by other people as well as psychic attack. If someone near you is angry and in a low frequency, they can end up dragging you down with them, if you allow it. During these challenging times, it is wise to shield before you interact with the world. You should practice this every morning before you start your day and also before you go to bed at night.

Shielding Helps Targeted Individuals

How to Shield:
1. Allow your heart center to open. Feel the white light flowing from your heart. This white light is your connection to Source. Let this protective light fill your entire body.
2. Imagine an egg shape around your body. Let the white light expand from inside your body to fill the egg shape. You are now encapsulated in the white light.
3. See a hard layer on the outside of this egg; this is the shell. See this shell as a hard, durable substance like gold or diamond or iron. It is impenetrable.

The more often you put up your shield, the easier it will become. If you find yourself in a bad situation, you can imagine your shield up instantly. It just takes practice. The shield is helpful on different levels from the astral and etheric realms to the physical; they are all woven together and directly affect one another. This beautiful egg of white light helps with our state of mind, our emotions, and our psychological well being.

The Whole Armor of God

Of course, having your shield up is not the only protection you need. You also need to stay calm in a bad situation and stay focused on being at peace. This really allows your shield to do its work properly. If you are freaking out internally, the shield will not help you; it only blocks out external stimuli. Be at peace! : )

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