The Matrix will Vanish

The Matrix will Vanish, according to the multidimensional star people who have been teaching me when I go Out-of-Body. The matrix system, including all the “man-made” (although it seems it was not originally created by man at all) structures will […]

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We are Shifting

We are shifting up into a higher state of conscious awareness. As we begin to remember who we are, the controller’s matrix system is falling apart.  They are struggling to hold it together as the truth comes out and everyone

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Interview with Veritas

Bonnie Jean Mitchell speaks with Mel Hostalrich of  Veritas on December 8, 2021. Some of the topics covered are: The Shift of Consciousness, raising your vibrational frequency, the power of LOVE, visitation with multidimensional star people, military abduction, fake rubber

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military abduction

Military Abduction

Military Abduction (also known as MILAB) is conducted by covert government agencies and US military personnel. Military-trained psychics are utilized in locating targeted individuals and harassing them for information as well as implanting them with devices that track and manipulate

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