stop negative alien abduction

Stop negative alien abduction by feeling your connection to Source and exerting your will. You have the ability to take control and stop alien abduction. By staying calm and observing what is happening, you keep control over the situation; if you do not let fear overtake you, you are keeping control. You can allow the experience to unfold to see what happens. It could the beginning of a life-changing, spiritual path. However, if it is a terrifying event that needs to end quickly, you will be able to stop it by staying calm and focusing your energy and will power in the moment. You can end the abduction before it starts or even while it is underway. As long as you are calm, you can make that decision and take appropriate action.

How to Stop Alien Abduction

As I always say, Never Be Afraid Ever! Fear can make you panic and lose control — you do not want that to happen. Do your best to realize that you are an eternal, spiritual being who is protected. You have the power to say NO and mean it! You absolutely have the power to stop negative alien abduction in its tracks. Stand up for yourself. You are a powerful spirit who is temporarily in physical form. You have the ability to manifest your own reality, and you certainly have the ability to stop aliens from coming into your bedroom and taking you out of your body. Even if you are already on a “space ship,” you can stop the abduction and send yourself back home!

An Exhaustive Look into the Dark Alien Agenda

Remember to keep LOVE in your heart (Faith and the Knowledge that you are Eternal!). This type of LOVE is the most powerful force in the Universe. You can feel it in your heart when you are calm, centered, and connected to Source. LOVE will pull you through any dark experience. I know this first-hand as a life-long contactee and abductee. No matter how hard you fight, nothing is more powerful than facing your enemy with LOVE. It truly is all-powerful, when you are not afraid, and you feel your own true spiritual power rising up within you and you stand your ground. Be strong and Never Be Afraid Ever!

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