project blue beam

Project Blue Beam has 4 steps:
1. Artificially Created Earthquakes and fake “discoveries” of Planted Artifacts to make people believe their religion was wrong.
2. Space Show in the sky; simulated Apocalypse and introduction of New “Messiah” who will be the anti-Christ to head the NWO religion.
3. Telepathic Electronic Two-Way Communication: ELF, VLF, LF waves penetrate the mind so “god” can speak directly to you.
4. Fake Alien Invasion/ False Christian Rapture/ Demons entering homes through electronic devices/phasing out of CASH/ END of Independence

NASA will put on the Project Blue Beam show in the sky, which will largely be holographic yet very life-like. They will use Voice-to-Skull technology, inserting thoughts and voices into people’s minds. They will break down religious beliefs by presenting fake archaeological artifacts that will disprove previous religious theories. This will allow them to introduce the new “Messiah,” the Anti-Christ, who will become the religious leader for the New World Order religion.

Step 4 of Project Blue Beam will be unbelievably overwhelming for the sleeping masses: A fake alien invasion created by holographic technology, a false Christian Rapture, Demons entering people’s homes through their electronic devices, electronic wiring, and Smart appliances. This would most likely be terrifying. Then they will phase out CASH and introduce their new currency. All of this leads to the culmination of all their efforts: to have complete control over the entire world. There will be no more privacy or independence. This is what the Controllers and the Satanists want to accomplish.

Project Blue Beam research by Serge Monast

If we are to overcome this great challenge, we must be strong in our hearts and in our faith in a higher power that protects us. We must remember that we are spiritual, eternal beings who cannot be held down if we do not consent to their rules.


Project Blue Beam is THE FINAL CARD. When this plays out, we will know the end of this world is very near. The evil Controllers will have played their final hand.

The media and the government are now openly speaking about UFOs. This is a very big clue that they are getting ready for Project Blue Beam.

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